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Only the best gear and equipment will be listed on this page. As our review tests take place, we will add more equipment and links to those reviews. The equipment you see below has been tested and used many times before they are recommended to any player.

Keep checking back to this page because we will keep testing more and more items to keep you and your players at the top of their game.

You will always get our honest opinion on equipment. The links below do contain affiliate links to Amazon or other trusted retailers. This may result in a commission for Elite Basketball Tips, but no additional cost to you.

wilson game basketball
Wilson Official NCAA Game Ball
wilson evolution basketball
Wilson Evolution Game Ball

This Wilson NCAA Official Game Ball is the exact ball used in the NCAA Tournament. The ball is very grippy and not as soft as some of the other modern balls. It is for indoor use only and this basketball gets our highest recommendation.

The Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Ball is a steadfast contender for best ball every time it is on the court. Once broken in the grip is good, although it can get slippery at times. It has a plush, soft feel that almost has a luxury quality.

For outdoor use, we recommend the Spalding NBA I/O basketball. This ball isn’t as durable as a rubber one would be, but the trade off brings a better feel and more reliable dribbling outdoors. This ball has a more premium feel than most outdoor basketballs.

The Sof Sole Athlete is a full length insole with neautral arch height. Basketball is a tough sport on your knees and feet, and an insole like these will help to keep you ready for the next game. Your shoes don’t always give you enough in the way of cushion, so these insoles will give you the extra that you need.¬†

The Spalding TF-Trainer basketball, is a weighted training ball that helps develop strength in all areas of the game. We use ours extensively, probably at least twice a week in the off season. This ball makes your weak hand stronger and teaches fundamentals like dribbling harder to get faster. See our review!

Who better than Nike to give you a backpack that caters to every basketball players needs. Water resistant in the right places, it makes traveling to and from games easy and stylish. We love this bag for the versatility and very large compartments. This Nike Elite Backpack gets our top recommendation.

This Lifetime Portable Basketball Goal is a great way to get some hoops going in your driveway or anywhere you have a patch of concrete. It is a low cost, easy to move goal that can be put together in a day. When the gym isn’t available, make this goal your go to for some hoops.

If you are setting up the perfect home court, to train as you do in a gym, this is the goal for you. The Silverback In Ground Basketball System will give you strength and an in ground anchor system. The tempered glass backboard gives you the feel of an indoor hoop along with the break away rim.

shooting skill spots

SKLZ Shot Spotz - Basketball Training Markers

These Shot Spots allow you to train or coach very efficiently by giving players a numbered marker for each shot they take. Set up games and drills of all kinds. Includes a timer and carrying case. We recommend tools like this to practice shooting jumpers from multiple spots on the court.

When it comes to supplementing your protein intake, no brand is more respected than Optimum Nutrition. I use this protein powder regularly and the quality is unmatched. Check out our guide to supplements for basketball here.

Choosing a pre workout powder can be a very personal decision. Our choice is ENGN by Evlution Nutrition. Great taste, value, and superior energy gets us hyped to hit the court or gym.