How to Improve Your Jump Shot (Practice Guide)

improve your jump shot

Become an Elite Jump Shooter Shooting a basketball is the most fundamental aspect of the game, and working to improve your jump shot is a never-ending journey. The process of shooting, and getting better, comes from repetition and muscle memory. This guide will walk you through a shooting workout that will help teach the repetition … Read more

7 Easy Tips To Elite Free Throw Shooting(Get Clutch)

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Your Guide To Free Throw Shooting There are 2 seconds left and you drive to the basket and your aggressiveness is rewarded with a foul and a chance at a three-point play. And 1! You’re down one point and you step to the line…. What would happen to you in this situation? Would you confidently … Read more

How to Motivate Your Child For Basketball

child motivation for basketball

How to Motivate Your Child For Basketball Sometimes motivating your kid into training or playing basketball can be a big issue. I know, I’ve been there too. My son is almost 10 years old and when he first started playing, it was a chore for both of us to train and play. He would pick … Read more

Sportsmanship in Basketball

Sportsmanship in basketball

Sportsmanship in Basketball A team sport means that your team faces another team and does battle until there is a victor. Sportsmanship means that you can respect that other team and show them that whatever the outcome, you still respect their talents. Sportsmanship in basketball is an amazing thing. Other sports don’t have the contact … Read more

Teaching Basketball Defense for Beginners

Basketball defense for beginners

How to Teach Defense to Beginners Imagine you’re a fresh faced new coach and there are 8-10 six year-olds looking up at you wondering what will happen at practice today. It’s a scary thought that you are going to mold these children into great basketball players. As cute as they all are, they aren’t ready … Read more

For the Love of the Game of Basketball

love of the game of basketball

  For the Love of the Game Basketball, I would argue, is the purest sport ever created. You need minimal equipment to play, just a ball and a hoop, and a team of five can do anything with the right skills and coaching. We want to help you to get those skills.  I love this … Read more