How Tall Should You Be To Play In The NBA?

So you want to play basketball? That’s great! But first, we need to discuss height and how it impacts your chances of being successful at basketball. In this article, we will be discussing the average height of an NBA player and how height affects the many aspects of the game. 1: How Tall Should You … Read more

What Is Life In The NBA Like For A Player?

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The Truth Of An NBA Life Life in the NBA looks like a true life of luxury.  Playing a sport for millions of dollars is a dream come true for many people, but a lot goes into the life of an athlete behind the scenes.  There are only 450 spots in the NBA every single … Read more

Has Stephen Curry Changed Basketball Forever?

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Curry Has Left His Mark All Over Basketball The short answer….yes. Stephen Curry has changed basketball in ways that we never would have expected as the 6’3” guard was drafted from Davidson College. His wispy, small stature didn’t really jive with the league as most General Managers were looking for more Lebron James type players. … Read more