For the Love of the Game of Basketball


For the Love of the Game

Basketball, I would argue, is the purest sport ever created. You need minimal equipment to play, just a ball and a hoop, and a team of five can do anything with the right skills and coaching. We want to help you to get those skills. 

I love this game. You love this game.

That is why we are here and why Elite Basketball Tips exists. We are inspired by your love of the game and that helps to make our love grow stronger.

Basketball was created in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, and since that time the game has evolved tremendously. This sport now has the greatest athletes in the world. They not only have speed and agility, but the coordination to dribble and shoot a large spherical ball with accuracy.

We marvel at the pros who have put in years of work, and we get huge goofy grins watching our children pick up a ball for the first time. The game means more than just a ball and a hoop.

Basketball is Love

In gyms all across the world, even in pick up games, teams are formed and bonds are created around the hoop and glass. From 1v1 to 5 on 5, the competitive spirit rises in us and the bonds strengthen.

In those same gyms all over the world, we work on our game, and we work on the pure skill and muscle memory that helps to win those competitive battles. Each battle is a fight for points, and then the battle is reignited on the other end of the court.

Our determination drives us to be better for our teammates and for ourselves. The individual matchups help determine the game, but teamwork brings true victory.

Elite Basketball Tips Mission

We are here for you and your team. We will bring you everything about the game of basketball, whether it’s our Ultimate Shoe Buying Guide or skills training, we will be there when you need us.

My name is Derrick and I live for this sport and helping others. I am a point guard and I will help assist you in every aspect of the game. After playing and coaching for 25 years, I won’t stop doing both because this sport is more than a passion, it is a way of life. It is a culture.

My son is almost 10 years old and his passion for the game drives me even more. When he is outside dribbling and constantly working to get better, it drives me to to be better at coaching and showing him what this sport can offer.

Never hesitate to ask questions or let us know what you would like to know about the game. We will support you in any way we can, and this site will be a comprehensive love letter to the game and its players.

Some of the things you can look forward to here, are reviews of gear, skills training, finding gyms, and anything around the game that we find interesting and worth your time. We are excited to strengthen your love of the game. We want to give you the best of what basketball has to offer.

The Future is Bright

We invite you to stay awhile, to pull up a chair and find all the things that make Basketball special. The future holds a lot of promise and we can’t do this without you. We are teammates in learning, and we want to coach you.

Our mission is to bring passion to everything we do and help you to be the best basketball players and coaches that you can be.

All we ask of you is to enjoy the game, as a player, coach, or even as a fan. Basketball demands passion and we all do this for the love of the game.