15 Training Tips To Dominate | Train Like A Pro!

Are You Training the Right Way for Basketball?

Basketball requires you to not only be fit and athletic but to have a level of coordination and skill unmatched in other sports. From dribbling to shooting, to defense, all the different aspects of basketball require a lot of training.

Below we have listed the training tips that you should focus most intently on. If you want to be an elite-level player, you will need every single one of these tips.

While it is certainly possible to focus on other sports and still train for basketball, this sport requires a lot of attention and time to become great.

Let’s get training!

basketball shot1.Shoot 100 jumpers a day

Every time you set foot in a gym to put up shots, make sure you are putting up enough shots. Shoot 100 jumpers a day, minimum. While 100 is a good starting point, you should increase this number as you get better. Shooting requires muscle memory and the more shots you take, the better.

2.Squat until it hurts

You may not want to hear this, but squatting will improve your overall athleticism. It is an exercise that most people skip or don’t do well. If you want to become an elite athlete at almost any sport, you must squat regularly. Squatting is one of the best exercises in the gym, period.

3. Don’t Neglect Lay-ups

In the modern era, players like Stephen Curry have shown us how deadly 3 pointers can be. However, do not neglect your lay up training. Scoring near the basket and finishing drives will make you unguardable. If you are always a threat to get by your defender and score, they will be forced to give you more room. This will open up more of those jumpers.

4. Agility is your best friend

The quicker you change direction, the more likely you are to leave a defender on their butt. Training to become not only faster, but quicker, will turn you into an elite level player. Making cuts on offense, and moving faster on defense are invaluable skills that must be trained for. Focus on getting your footspeed up and you will see major improvements in your game.

5. Dribbling is Essential

It does not matter what position you play, you must learn to dribble and dribble well. Ball handling is an essential skill for the game of basketball. Even if you are not a primary ball handler, you will be expected to handle the rock in some situations. Coaches love a player that can initiate or finish a fast break. Practice dribbling just as much as your shooting, and combining them would be even better.


6. Core Work is Important

We all want to jump higher. It is one of our goals in basketball at all times. Working your legs is not the only way to add inches to your vertical leap. Training your core muscles is one of the ways that a lot of people don’t realize leads to a higher vertical. These central muscles stabilize and control your body as you are jumping. The stronger your abs and back are, the more likely you will get up higher.

7. Defensive Footwork is Essential

Every player steps onto the court ready to make their defender look silly, but have they focused enough on not looking silly themselves? Defensive footwork is overlooked as an area that can be trained, but it must be trained. As an elite player, you will be expected to dominate on both ends of the court. As your agility and speed increase, you need to learn defensive positioning and the footwork necessary to stay in front of anyone you guard.

8. Make Adjustments 

Don’t get stuck in your ways. If you get stagnant in your training, whether shooting or lifting, your body will adapt to the regimen and not give you any more gains. Challenge yourself to be better every time you train any part of your game. If you are deficient in an area, work on it harder and make little adjustments till you get it right.

9. Lift Weights

A lot of players shy away from lifting their upper body for fear that it will affect their shooting. While this is true, it is generally only true for about 20 minutes after you lift. Get your butt in there and put up some weight! Your strength will give you newfound powers on the court. Being able to drive and score through contact, or fight for rebounds, will only get easier as you get stronger.

10. Listen to your Coaches

Coaches hold the keys to the kingdom. In other words, they control all aspects of your game and how much playing time you will see. Coaches are the key to you getting better because it is in their best interest to see you succeed. Take their advice to heart, and truly use the advice you are given.

11. Practice how you Play

Practice is the time that we train our bodies to do what we want it to do in the game. If you go in and half-ass during practice, you aren’t giving your game the attention it needs. A lot of good players rest or play around during practice because they think they are good enough. This mentality will get you way behind the competition, especially at the next level. Hard work now will make you an elite player later on.

12. Don’t listen to all of the advice given to you

Too many bystanders will have advice on what you should be doing. This is not a good thing. Do your own independent research and listen to your coaches. A lot of advice is given earnestly, but you really need to focus on what will make your game better. Not what someone else thinks will make you better.

13. Create Good Habits

The younger you are when you create good habits, the more benefits you will see in your game down the road. If you go into the gym without a plan, you are not going to get the results that you want. Create good habits that keep you on track for the larger goals. A lot of the tips on this list will help to create those habits, but it is up to you to stick with them.

14. Eat Right

This is a major aspect of training that players don’t always focus on. You need to put the right fuel into your body. Muscles need fuel to grow and your body needs nutrients to make sure you get as tall as possible. Eat right as often as you can, and make sure that you create good eating habits along with training habits.

15. Get Coordinated

Coordination is one of the most important things you can train for in basketball. Hand-to-eye coordination is necessary for all aspects of basketball. Train for speed and incorporate this training as often as possible. The speed of the game increases with each level of competition you go up, so make sure you are always one step ahead.


If you love basketball as much as we do, incorporating these training tips into your game should be no issue. We yearn to be elite-level players, so we crush every training session and beg for more. Or you should be doing that.